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Erin Schulberg, RDN, LD

Fed Up Nutrition is here to help you find comfort and joy in the foods that you consume. Erin believes in a non-diet approach to eating and that we can all be healthy at any size. Her specialties include eating disorders, disordered eating, breaking up with dieting, substance use recovery and anyone looking to make peace with food.

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"I am so grateful for Erin and all I’ve learned from her. She has walked me through my recurring denial of my eating disorder and has continued to help me see where it bleeds into the rest of my life with substance abuse and other maladaptive behaviors, as I’ve learned addictive behaviors wear many hats. I know having a dietician who’s been through recovery herself was a huge part in receiving the support I needed. She has been so encouraging of and excited about my future and everything a life in recovery could give me. And she has had hope for that life for me when I didn’t have any. I’ve been in recovery for over a year now and still can’t believe it sometimes. Recovery is a daily choice, sometimes even an hourly choice, but I am very grateful to have Erin on my team and I feel more prepared to fight my ed thoughts each time they come along because of the knowledge I’ve gained from her and the trust and honesty we’ve developed in our recovery relationship."

Amanda S.

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“Unlearning is challenging. Do not expect neat, tidy resolutions, or assume that we will instantly fix the world’s ills in a single dialogue. We can, however, get closer to those goals if we are willing to be uncomfortable.” 

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