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“Erin changed the trajectory of my life. When I met her, I felt hopeless and was in the grips of a powerful eating disorder. She challenged my thought patterns, but in such a caring way that I knew from the start that she was on my team. As a person of transgender experience, it can be difficult to find providers who are both affirming and knowledgeable, but Erin was both. She encouraged me to be myself, while supporting me with the nutrition and body changes that came with parts of my transition. Erin was, and still is, integral in my recovery. I’m so glad that she believed I could have the full life I now have, and that she held space for me until I could believe it too.”


Client Testimonials: Client Testimonial

“Working with Erin was a true joy and light in the midst of my battle with, and recovery from an eating disorder. She walked alongside me, as I worked toward healing my relationship with food, my body, and ultimately how I saw myself. She provided the support, guidance, and knowledge that I needed toward fueling my body properly, learning that “all foods fit” and get to be a part of my life, and even being able to incorporate a more joyful relationship with movement rather than feeling chained and obsessive in my exercise.”

Meagan T.

Client Testimonials: Client Testimonial
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